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Random Life Update

May 2010
  • I graduated from Mizzou with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and in English.

February 2011
  • I became a full time employee at the University of Missouri doing youth tobacco prevention.
  • Applied for graduate school in North Carolina, Georgia, and St. Louis.

April 2011
  • My first real business trip. My boss, my favorite coworker, and I went to Virginia for two days to attend a tobacco conference. I learned so much and had a blast. We even skipped a few sessions and went to the beach.

May 2011
  • I was accepted to the Master's in Social Work program and Doug was accepted to the Master's of Fine Arts program in St. Louis, so I withdrew my other applications.

June 2011
  • I coordinated my very own 2-day youth tobacco conference, educating and motivating 70 students from around Missouri.
  • We moved to St. Louis, MO.

July 2011
  • I celebrated three years of marriage to my very best friend.
  • I was offered a teaching assistantship in the social work department, offering me full tuition and $3500 stipend per semester. I accepted.

August 2011
  • Karmynn spent the week with us in St. Louis and we had a fantastic time.
  • I started my TA position and met my two closest friends in St. Louis.
  • The kids moved to Florida.
  • We found a kitten in the dumpster. We adopted her and named her Tango.

September 2011
  • We celebrated Doug's 23rd birthday by going to KC and visiting my family and the Moore's, going camping with Heather and Justin, and going to Memphis to see Les Miserables on stage. Three weekends in a row.

October 2011
  • I'm working 40 hours a week and taking 15 hours of graduate school credit. However, I just got cut back to 10 hours at Mizzou. I am busy and focused. I have gotten only As on my assignments and exams. I've managed to only have three emotional breakdowns so far. Doug loves his school and he is progressing very well. Aside from feeling stressed and overwhelmed most of the time, I am learning so much and I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Coming Soon
  • The Cardinal's are going to the World Series.
  • I am running again and have lost 10 pounds so far...my goal is 30, so I'm a third of the way there.
  • Lauren and Roberto are coming to St. Louis for Halloween at the Latin club.
  • Tyson might be moving to Wisconsin for a job.
  • Karmynn and Tristan are coming to Joplin for Thanksgiving, so I get to spend three full days with them.
  • I can start listening to Christmas music in 37 days.
  • This year we are buying a real Christmas tree. It'll be the first time ever for me.
  • My birthday. It is never too early to be thinking about my birthday.
  • Christmas will be at my house this year. It's the first time in my life I won't be spending Christmas at home. My parents are coming to St. Louis. It'll just be the four of us, I guess. Then they fly to California and Doug and I head to Florida for Jonny's wedding.
  • After the new year, we are flying to Oregon to see the in-laws.
  • Then we will officially apply for the Peace Corps. And wait.

New LJ?

I am considering starting a new journal.

I don't write very much but I'd like to get back in the habit. With my trip to the Holy Lands, grad school, and possibly the Peace Corps coming up in the next few years...I feel like maybe I should start documenting my life a bit more.

Would anyone add a new LJ from me?

-Lady Antebellum- Love This Pain.

She's no good for me
I know that she's a wild flower.
She's got a restlessness,
a beautifulness, a thing about her.
But here I am again calling her back
letting her drive me crazy...

It's like I love this pain a little too much,
love my heart all busted up.
Something 'bout her, we just don't work
but I can't walk away.
It's like I love this pain.

It's just an on again
and off again situation.
It's just striking a match,
a tank of gas combination.
But here I am again lighting it up
knowing that she'll just burn me...

It's like I love this pain a little too much,
love my heart all busted up.
Something 'bout her, we just don't work
but I can't walk away.
It's like I love this pain.

It's like I love this life
when nothing's right, yeah something's wrong.
It's like I'm just not me
if I can't be a sad, sad song.

It's like I love this pain a little too much,
love my heart all busted up...

Something 'bout her, we just don't work
but I can't walk away.
It's like I love this pain.
Oh yeah, it's like I love this pain.
I can't walk away, oh no.
It's like I love this pain.




...watch this. It's pretty awesome.


This postsecret made me laugh out loud.


Valentine's Weekend

I had an AMAZING weekend!

Doug and I went to the Love & Respect seminar at our church Friday night and Saturday morning. We learned some great stuff and had some really good talks. Our group discussion was good too, and afterward three different people came up and told me that they really appreciated my comments. Doug and I were also congratulated on being "so cute" as well as being mature and wise for being such young married people. It made me feel really good and respected, especially since we were the only ones in our 20s at the seminar. The pastor's wife came up to us Sunday and rubbed our arms and said "I just want some of this young love to rub off on me!! You guys are so wonderful!"

Friday night we came home and talked for a couple of hours. It was nice because it really cleared some things up for me. Then after my shower he told me to come into the living room. (He had told me earlier in the week that he didn't think my gift would arrive in the mail by Vday.) When I went in there, a large stand up jewelry box was there. It is a cherry wood, beautifully carved, and it will fit all of my jewelry and then some. I was super excited about it!

Then Saturday night we had a candlelight dinner at the church. The food was delicious, and they handed out some prizes. Doug and I got a Panera gift card for being the newly-ist married and we also got our name drawn for a "movie night at home" (popcorn, 2 movies (Fireproof and Evan Almighty), candy, and love coupons). Everyone was really excited for us to win.
They also brought in a barbershop quartet that sang to everyone and it was fantastic. Then at one point the main guy was like, "We'd like to pick out someone from the audience and give them a taste of our private serenades that we do" and asked the other guys who they wanted to pick. One of the men said quietly, "Let's go with that one we were talking about." And then, of course, they came over and got me, brought me and my chair up front and sang me a love song medley! It was sooooo great!!
(I figured the reason they had talked about me/picked me was because I was sitting there the whole time they were singing with this huge smile on my face, totally swooning! haha.)

After that Doug and I went home and I dressed in my cute new Valentine's nightgown and lit some candles. The next part should be quite obvious. After that delight we exchanged gifts. I got him a ring that has Jeremiah 31:3 engraved in Hebrew on it. (It's diamond-cut all the way through the band.) It is really pretty...I mean, manly. ;-) It says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love." Because God has...and so have and will I.
He got me a ring, too. It is big and SO cute. It's redish brown stones set in Sterling Silver. It's on the verge of gaudy (which I love), and looks great. He wasn't sure if I would like it and kept telling me that I probably wouldn't...so when I saw it I was surprised and really excited. After the gift exchange we curled up in bed and watched "Paper Heart". It was a fantastic night.

Then Sunday we had church and were invited by one of the elders and his wife to lunch. They took us to Applebees and we talked with them for a long time. They were very interesting and we actually had a lot in common. After that we went home and read for awhile and then took a short nap. We got up to go to a matinee showing of "Valentine's Day" but it was sold out, so we bought 6:45p tickets instead and went to a coffee shop to warm up and talk. It was relaxing and nice.

The movie was cute, and afterward we had quite a little adventure. We were both a little hungry, and I wanted to go someplace quite and dim...romantic, ya know? So I decided we could try a new place called Hemingway's. When we got there Doug was unsure of how it looked. It's a wine and bistro, so he thought it might not be our style. So we debated awhile whether or not to go in, and finally decided we'd go check the menu and just see. When we walked in, they immediately started seating us, so we didn't have much option. Walking back to a table, we saw plates with tiny portions and unappetizing foods...so it wasn't looking good. There were really classy older people, a couple young couples on dates, and those special tables with curtains that you can pull shut.
We got seated and she asked us what kind of water we wanted. What kind? We ordered tab and she brought it out in a glass pitcher thing and poured it. We looked over the menu...gag. There was absolutely nothing that looked good and everything was super expensive.
I get really uncomfortable in fancy restaurants as it is, and so I was feeling nervous and weird. We didn't know what to do because we very much did NOT want to eat there. We contemplated dessert...but we didn't really want dessert. We thought about just bailing, but that seemed rude and scary. Doug suggested getting an emergency phone call...but that made me nervous too.

Finally he said, "What if I told them you were pregnant and couldn't handle the smell." At this point I was blushing and unsure. It did smell like fish, which was terrible...but I wasn't sure I could do that without giggling. So Doug and I decided I'd go get the car and he would handle it.
So I left the restaurant (pretending to be on my cell phone so the hostess wouldn't ask me any questions) and got in the car. A few minutes later Doug came out. He had told them that he was really sorry but that I was pregnant and the strong smell made me sick. She was super nice and asked if we'd like to be moved, he told her no we were just going to leave, and she apologized and said she totally understood.

I about died. I couldn't believe that we had just done that. I felt bad for lying, but at the same time, I would have felt worse for bailing. After that we were so relieved to be out of there that we went to Shakespeare's and ordered our favorite pizza! And boy was it delicious!! :-D

During dinner, Doug motioned for me to come toward him, so I thought he was being silly and going to tell me he loved me or kiss me on the cheek. But instead he whispered "Happy Valentine's Day" and slid a little box toward me. I was so surprised because he'd already gotten me two things. I opened it and it was a 14k white gold ring with a large setting of multiple blue sapphires. It is a vintage piece, so there is only one like it...and it is really pretty. I couldn't believe that he had surprised me twice over the weekend. I love surprises and he did very, very well.

More than the gifts or the seminar or the food or the movies or the sex, though, spending quality time with the man I adore made the weekend absolutely perfect. I couldn't have imagined a better Valentine's weekend.

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.

Twilight spoof trailer from SNL

I forgot how hilarious this was. Taylor actually did a good job...better than the actual actress.



We got a call last night that Doug's Granddad was killed in a motorcycle accident.

I'm just in shock.

Granddad was one of my favorite people ever, definitely the closest member of Doug's family. He was an incredible man, traveling across the country constantly on a motorcycle, experiencing things the rest of us could only dream of. He was our inspiration for our roadtrip. He would travel through Columbia and take us out to Applebee's for dinner. He wrote us an 8-page poem for our wedding that was funny and touching.

We saw him this summer at the wedding in Oregon. No one else in the family really talks to him, so we spent the whole time with him. I now wish I had asked him to tell us even more stories. I feel like he had so much that never got told. He has poetry, lots and lots of poetry, that Doug hopes to get...maybe we'll hear his voice again in those poems.

I missed him a lot, only getting to see him a couple of times a year. Now...I don't know...I feel a little empty knowing I'll never see him again. I want so badly to go to the funeral, but we can't afford it. But maybe it's okay...as my mom says, funerals are for the survivors not the dead. He was a Christian man...a very good Christian man...so I have no doubt that he's in a better place. That alone is comfort.

And as Doug said this morning, he died doing something he loved, never having to get old enough to stop living life exactly as he wanted.

I just wish we could have somehow told him goodbye. I hope he realized how much he meant to us...how much we loved him.

Lost Kitty

Jake got out the window at the catsitters house and is nowhere to be found.

I'm trying to think positively...but if I think too hard I start to cry--so instead I'm just praying that he comes home safely.

I miss him more, somehow, knowing he's outside all alone. :-(